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Mobiano ThemesBox 2.1

It is a small but very powerful utility to download and manage themes for PPC
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Mobiano ThemesBox is a small but very powerful utility to download and manage themes for PPC. Themes Box is available free of cost. It has a wide range of categories to choose from. Themes can be downloaded to the PC and then with just a click of the mouse it can be applied to PPC. It also detects PPC connection status that makes it easy to use for home users. After installation it automatically updates the theme information to let user choose from different categories. Themes Box uses the .tsk format for themes.
User can also create an account to the server and can upload his own themes. Creating a theme is so easy with this utility. Users can choose .tsk files from their hard disk and can choose a theme title and category and the theme will be generated automatically. So it’s easy to make your own theme and share with others. It also provides a preview option so before making the final theme a user can make appropriate changes to it. With the Favorite option user can also add, manage and share his favorite themes. Mobiano ThemesBox demands an Internet connection for downloading and sharing of themes.

Manoj Goel
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  • Utility is available free of cost
  • Many categories are available to choose from so finding the appropriate theme is very easy
  • Automatically updates from server
  • Automatically detects PPC connection status


  • Needs internet connection to download themes from server
  • Desktop preview is not available
  • Available only for Windows operating system
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